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Welcome to Mechanical Special!

mechanicalspecial.com is an automotive blog website that provides the latest and genuine technical information, maintenance, and repair advice to car owners and mechanics for their vehicles. We share our practical knowledge here to keep your cars in good condition and answer all your technical questions.

We are doing extensive research, collecting user experience, and verifying the data by our expert team to provide accurate and recent information. Mechanical Special is the key resource for anyone searching the updated facts regarding car repair.

This site will guide you to feel some confidence about your vehicle’s regular maintenance at your own.

The main objective of this website is to deliver the proper guidelines for car enthusiasts and to prevent collecting of the wrong information from some weak sources.

Mechanical Special website was founded by Engineer Rahela in 2023 when Engineer Rahela wanted to start her own business and wanted to share her knowledge with world. 

We hope that you are enjoying our products as well as we are enjoying sharing our knowledge with you. If you have any confusion related to any topic then let us know in my email or in the comment section without any hesitation. We will try our best to clear your confusion.


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