What is the difference between a normal airbag and an SRS airbag?

Difference between Normal Airbag and SRS Airbag

An SRS airbag and a normal airbag are essentially the same things. “SRS” stands for “Supplemental Restraint System,” which is a term used to describe the entire airbag system in a vehicle, including the sensors and control module. So, an SRS airbag is simply a standard airbag that is part of a larger system designed to protect passengers in the event of a collision.

That being said, some automakers may use the term “SRS airbag” to distinguish between different types of airbags in their vehicles. For example, they may use the term to refer to side airbags or curtain airbags, which are designed to provide additional protection in the event of a side-impact collision.

difference between normal airbag and SRS airbag

In summary, there is no significant difference between an SRS airbag and a normal airbag, as they both serve the same function in a vehicle’s safety system.

SRS Airbag Vs Normal Airbag

It’s important to note that while normal airbags are effective in protecting occupants during a collision, SRS airbags offer additional safety features and are designed to work in conjunction with other safety systems in a vehicle, such as seat belts and electronic stability control.

The comparison between the normal airbag and the SRS airbag is given below:

FeaturesNormal AirbagSRS Airbag
ActivationOnly one stageMultiple stages
MaintenanceDoes not require maintenanceMay require maintenance due to the use of multiple components
CostLower cost compared to SRS airbagHigher cost compared to normal airbag
ProtectionProvides protection for head and chest onlyProvides protection for the head, chest, and upper body
Inflation pressureInflates with a fixed pressureInflates with variable pressure based on impact severity and occupant position
SensorsOne sensor to detect impactMultiple sensors to detect impact and seat occupancy
Vehicle compatibilityCompatible with most vehiclesDesigned specifically for the vehicle’s make and model
Multiple inflatorsOnly one inflatorMultiple inflators to control the airbag’s shape and direction
Deployment speedSlower deployment speedFaster deployment speed

FAQ Section

What is the function of the SRS Airbag?

The implementation of SRS airbags serves the primary goal of safeguarding both the passengers and drive within a vehicle. This advanced safety system is intricately engineered to discern various factors, including passenger occupancy, braking, collision impact points, and deceleration. Leveraging this collected data, the system makes critical determinations about which specific airbags to deploy and when to activate seat belt tensioning mechanisms for enhanced passenger protection.

Will airbags work if the SRS light is on?

No, airbags will not work if the SRS light is on.

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