How to Reset the Service Battery Charging System Light?

The different electrical parts of your vehicle need the proper supply of electricity to work efficiently. In the latest vehicle models, you can find complex electrical systems that need continuous electrical power supply to work. The electrical power to these components is delivered by the service battery charging system. When something goes wrong with the service battery charging system, the service battery charging system light starts to illuminate on your car’s dashboard. 

Causes of Service Battery Charging System Light

This service battery charging system is responsible for supplying energy to all the electrical components of the vehicle. This article explains the service battery charging system function and the causes of battery charging system warning light illumination.

What is a Service Battery Charging System?

The service battery charging system of the Chevy car consists of a battery, an alternate electronic control unit (ECU), and wiring. The main function of the service battery charging system is to charge your car’s battery.

Service Battery Charging System

During the operation of the engine, this system also supplies power to the radio, headlights, internal lights, and other electrical components.

Any kind of damage or defect in this charging system will affect the performance of every electrical component of the system. The purpose of the ECU is to deliver power to all the electrical components of your vehicle according to their requirements.

The computerized signal of the crankshaft is converted into electrical exuberance by using an alternator. This electrical exuberance activates all the electrical components of the car. The electrical exuberance is stored in the battery of your vehicle. As you turn the ignition key or press the start button, energy is delivered to the crankshaft to activate the vehicle.

Components of the Battery Charging System

The battery charging system of your car is the main electrical system that provides power to all the electrical components of the car and charges the battery. It includes an ECU/PCM, wiring, alternator, and battery. So, if there is a voltage problem in the system, the battery indicator light starts illuminating.

When a change in voltage occurs by switching on the system, all the components get power. With the advancement in the automobile industry, manufacturers are replacing the voltage regulator with a computer that provides the perfect voltage reading of the components.

Now, let’s learn about how all the components of the service battery charging system work.

1) Alternator


The alternator is one of the major components of the service battery charging system. The main purpose of the alternator is to convert the automated power into electrical power. This electrical energy is used to run the electrical components of the vehicle. It also charges the car’s battery.

2) Engine Control Unit (ECU)

The ECU is responsible for distributing electrical power to all of the electronic components of the car.

It also maintains the electrical energy produced by the alternator. It has the responsibility of keeping an eye on the charging of the battery. It controls when charging is needed and when to discharge the battery. It regulates the supply of power from the battery to the electrical parts.

3) Battery

car Battery

The battery of the car is a small source of electrical power controlled by the alternator. The battery also stores electrical exuberance. It is required to start the car and deliver the starting energy to all the electrical components.

It acts as a backup when the power in the car becomes too low due to damage or the failure of the alternator.

4) Wiring

Wiring is basically a network of connections between the electrical components of the service battery charging system.

What happens when the battery charging system light comes on?

The service battery charging light illuminates when the car is running on the battery alone. So, if the charging procedure is continuously going down, the system will fail to charge the battery, and the battery will soon shut down and become dead. So, to avoid that irritating situation, visit the nearest medical facility whenever you spot this battery light.

battery charging system light

Some of the vehicles have the battery light, and others have the check charging system light; they both work the same. You can check your vehicle’s manual to exactly spot the position and the light sign on your vehicle dashboard. 

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Reasons for Chevy Service Battery Charging System Light Illumination 

There are several reasons for the Chevy service battery charging light illumination. Therefore, you should drive your vehicle to a mechanic to properly diagnose the issue. Your mechanic will figure out the exact cause that is making this light to illuminate. The following are the major reasons that can cause the service battery charging light to illuminate:

  • Problems with the alternator 
  • Corroded wires and connections
  • Faulty drive belt
  • Battery issues
  • Faulty PCM
  • Blown fuse

1) Problems with the Alternator

Faulty Alternator

A faulty alternator is one of the major causes of the service battery charging warning light illumination. Ask your mechanic to test the output voltage of the alternator. If the output voltage is less than the specified limit, it means your alternator is faulty, and you need to replace it.

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2) Corroded Wires and Connections

Sometimes corroded connections and damaged wires can be the cause of the illuminated service battery charging system warning light. Inspect all the connectors or wires and clean them if needed. Similarly, check all the fusible links, locate the burned links, and if you find any, replace them.

3) Faulty Drive Belt

bad Timing Belt

The drive belt drives the alternator by rotating the pulley of the alternator. If the belt is damaged or fails, it will not allow the alternator to do its work properly, and the charging light will then illuminate. Inspect your drive belt and replace it immediately if needed.

4) Battery Issues

Bad Battery, causes of Service Battery Charging System Light

The battery charging light may illuminate due to a problem with your car’s battery. Your battery may be weak, low, or dead. For a solution, drive the car to the nearest workshop and ask the mechanic to check the battery strength. Your mechanic will change the battery if needed.

5) Faulty ECM/PCM


By inspecting all the issues, if you can’t find any alternator or battery issues, then the issue may be with your ECM/PCM. The faulty ECM or PCM may cause the battery charging light to glow.

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How to diagnose the Service Battery Charging System issues?

Follow the below-given steps to diagnose the issue with your service battery charging system:

  • Battery voltage check: Check the battery voltages using the multimeter. The charged battery will show a voltage of 12.6 volts. So, if the voltages appearing in the multimeter are lower than 12.6 volts, then there must be an issue with the battery.
  • Check the alternator: The voltage across the battery after starting the engine should be about 13.5 to 14.5 volts. If the recorded voltage is less than this limit, then there is an issue with your alternator.
  • Check the alternator belt: A loose or damaged alternator belt may cause the battery charging light to illuminate. A faulty belt may act as a hurdle between the alternator and the battery’s ability to charge.
  • Alternator Connection: Check all the alternator connections. This connection involves positive connections, ground connections, negative connections, and wiring connections. The corroded connections may limit electrical power.
  • Check the fuses: Fuse is one of the most important components of the charging system. A blown fuse can be the cause of a bad charging system.
  • Check for parasitic draws: Execute the parasitic test to know if any electrical component is pulling power from the battery when your engine is off. The extreme parasitic drain will not let the battery charge properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drive with the Service Battery System Light on?

Yes, you can drive, but it is not recommended to drive with the service battery charging light. Driving with the battery charging warning light may lead to a dead battery and cause your car to stop in the middle of the road. A damaged charging system can cause problems with other electrical components. It can damage the lights or the entertainment system of your car. So, to avoid this situation, call the mechanic and get your car properly checked.

Can corroded wires or connectors be the reason for the battery charging light to illuminate?

Yes, the corroded connections or the wires may cause the charging light to glow. The wires are an important component of the service charging system of your car. Issues with the wires will trigger the battery service light.

How do I fix my charging system warning light?

  • Replacing the dead battery
  • Replacing the faulty alternator
  • Replacing the damaged alternator belt
  • Fixing the faulty alternator Connection
  • Replacing the blown fuse

How to reset service battery charging system light?

  • Reset the system and perform a test drive
  • Replace the dead battery
  • Replace the faulty alternator
  • Replace the damaged alternator belt
  • Fix the faulty alternator connection
  • Replace the blown fuse
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