List of Most and Least Driven Electric Cars

June 4, 2023

By: Engineer Rahela 

According to iSeeCars, their analysis of over 860,000 vehicles reveals interesting insights about the mileage of electric cars compared to traditional IC engine vehicles. 

On average, a 3-year-old electric vehicle covers about 9,059 miles per year, which is nearly 29% lower than the mileage of 12,758 miles per year for 3-year-old fuel-powered cars.

Among all the electric car brands, Tesla stands out as the frontrunner, with its models surpassing the average mileage for electric vehicles. 

The Tesla Model X emerges as an EV with the highest mileage, averaging 10,378 miles per year. It is a midsize family SUV. 

When excluding Tesla from the analysis, the average annual mileage for EVs drops from 9,059 to 6,719 miles.

This indicates that Tesla owners tend to drive their electric vehicles more than owners of other EV brands. 

Interestingly, the Porsche Taycan, a strong rival to the Tesla Model S, stands out as the least-driven electric vehicle among the analyzed models.

The study reveals that 3-year-old electric cars carry an average price tag of $45,147, while their internal combustion counterparts come at an average cost of $30,760. 

This translates to EVs being 47% more expensive than conventional cars. 

But despite the higher cost, EVs are driven about 29% less than their fuel-powered counterparts, with average annual mileages of 9,059 miles for EVs compared to 12,758 miles for ICE vehicles.

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